The Unity Game Maker

plyGame is a powerful, yet easy to use, visual game development tool for the Unity game engine. It allows professionals and novices alike to create games and prototypes without having to do any programming. plyGame has been designed with ease of use in mind and provides the components and editors you need to create games of various genres, from RPGs and Action games to Puzzle games. At its core a Visual Scripting tool is provided to add behavior to objects and respond to triggered events. An API exposes features that advanced developers can use to extend and add to plyGame.


Includes all the systems needed to create various genres of games, with extensive documentation and tutorials. Use the provided editors and components to create a game without having to touch code.


Use the visual scripting system to do almost anything you could do via programming. There are triggers for the typical Unity Events, and many custom events related to plyGame systems.


Use the API to extend plyGame and its visual scripting system to your needs, to create new plugins, or to make plyGame and 3rd party systems compatible with each other.

What Games can I make?

You can make any kind of game with a combined use of plyGame, its visual scripting, and Unity scripting. Of course the goal with plyGame is to make it easier to create games of certain genres and provide a way to make games without having to write code scripts. The following can be considered the type of games that plyGame is best suited for. Note that only the official core and plugin systems are listed here and that 3rd party developers might add plugins for plyGame to handle other or similar genres.

Hack-n-Slash RPG

plyGame, the core product, includes the RPG Module which contains various systems that can be used when making RPG games. The focus is on 3rd person and top-down hack-n-slash type RPG games with real-time combat.



more to come.

For more information, see the Documentation and Videos.